psychological practice


I offer psychological help to young adults and to adults; to individuals and to couples.

My approach is person centered. Problems are analyzed and treated within the context of the client’s present situation and of his or her personal history.

Psychologist and client work together to gain more insight and a better understanding, enabling clients to discover (their share in) the origins of their distress and to gain more confidence in being able to resolve such issues by themselves.

Memories of painful experiences may be involved which in our sessions we will try to acknowledge and reprocess.

Degree in clinical psychology (University of Leiden, 1987).

Working as an independent psychologist since 1987, founder of and partner in successive group practices in Gouda and The Hague, the last 9 years in “SDK psychologen” with Olivia Delacroix and Lisy Krieps.

Starting September 1st of this year for the first time I work alone.

Through many years I gained a broad experience with a wide range of 
problems and issues (depression, anxieties, DID, sexuality, partnerrelation). I worked with a great variety of people (a.o. ‘expats’, youngsters to elderly, Dutch and English speakers).

Also did I find and develop my own professional ideas which may be contrary to the Zeitgeist as well as different from the accepted theory and practice in the official Mental Health Care. For example I don’t consider my clients to be ‘sick’, I try to use psychology as a means to understand people, and I think that in our work the focus should be on the person and that his dignity including his privacy should be respected and protected. As a psychologist I am not a medical professional. My work with people is personal and confidential.

"know yourself"

A session lasts 55 minutes and costs € 95,00.

The bill will be presented at the end of the month.

As I work outside of the offical Dutch Mental Health System, most Dutch healthcare insurance companies will not reimburse my costs.

Sign up: you can sign up for treatment by e-mail or by telephone.

When you leave your name and number I will contact you on the same (work)day.

De Perponcherstraat 117

2518 ST Den Haag

070 - 3469398

Parking is free until 6 pm.

You can reach the practice by tram (3 and 16) or bus (24).